Your own model is required for this Master Class you can bring 2 models on the day. It would be advisable for your model to bring with them a gown and slippers for after the tanning session. It is also recommended that your client wears dark loose clothing & suitable foot wear. 

It is preferable when having the spray tan applied to your face to arrive fresh faced and without make-up as this saves time although it can be sprayed over a light make-up. Alternatively cleanser, toner and eye make-up remover are available at the college. If you have sensitivity to certain products it is advised that you bring your own cosmetics remover with you on the day.

There will be a theory session first followed by a demo. Models can wear whatever they feel comfortable in getting sprayed for example their own underwear or swim wear. The spray tan will take place in a tanning tent. The class will be small and intimate.

As soon as your model has been sprayed they are free to go.

Certificates will be awarded to successful candidates



Time: 2pm-5pm

Master Class Training only: £150
Deposit for Training only: £150 Non-Refundable 

Dress Code: A Therapist Uniform is required or all black clothing
Examination: Class Assessment

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